The world has changed, bringing with it new challenges and shifting priorities. HPE is here to help and is bringing HPE Discover 2020 to you in an ongoing virtual experience. We kick off on June 23 with a live keynote by CEO Antonio Neri, along with a host of live and on-demand sessions, demos and training designed to help you and your organization now and into the future. Register today for HPE Discover Virtual Experience.

Transforming Your Experience in an Edge-to-Cloud World

HPE accelerates digital transformation everywhere, from the edge to the cloud, all unlocked by data-driven insights. HPE Discover Virtual Experience is your opportunity to explore how HPE employees are working side by side with customers to create better outcomes and advance the way we live and work. At HPE Discover Virtual Experience, HPE experts are ready to show you how you can rethink and rearchitect your IT strategy across technology, people and partners to implement practical, transformative solutions.

Topic descriptions

Hybrid Cloud

Explore our strategy as the edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service company. HPE GreenLake brings the modern cloud experience to your apps, data and workloads with self-service, pay-per-use and scale-up-and-down experiences — all managed for you. Free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility and unleash your talent to accelerate business value.

Data and Applications

In a digital-first world, rapid application development and insight from data is imperative. Insight leads you to better understand your customers, successfully develop new products, create new experiences and implement new business models. Experts in AI, containers, intelligent storage, big data analytics and high-performance computing will show you how HPE solutions can unlock the power of data to transform your business.

Digital Transformation

Plans have been shelved, replaced with daily reactions to unforeseen issues impacting our people, businesses and communities. Amidst this disarray, leaders need business resilience and agility through adaptable IT. You can achieve this, by bringing the cloud experience to all your apps and data. This is digital transformation, but it goes beyond technology. Discover how disruptors are transforming their technology, people and economic models to win in their markets.

Intelligent Edge

The explosion of sensors, mobile devices and IoT generates massive amounts of high-velocity data. In stores, factories, hospitals, roadways and classrooms, data flows from almost every connected device at the edge. Secure, resilient connectivity, powerful analytics and emerging technologies — AI, edge computing, intelligent storage, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 — create new use cases, applications and workloads at the edge. Learn how HPE and Aruba are helping you harness the power of data to accelerate decision-making, improve operational efficiencies and transform business models. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore ways of digitally redefining your edge.

Each of the four topics above are explored across multiple "Helping Your Recovery" dimensions

At HPE, our focus is not just on how we respond to COVID-19, but on how we recover and help our communities and customers do the same. The challenges we face — from enabling new ways of working to ensuring seamless business continuity — require new strategies, new technologies and the financial flexibility to help you recover, evolve and thrive. Explore how we can help you meet the challenges of today while transforming for tomorrow.

The four topics (Hybrid Cloud, Data and Applications, Digital Transformation, Intelligent Edge) can be presented to audiences across the following dimensions to suggest ways for "helping your recovery."

Ensure Business Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are being tested by the rapidly evolving challenges present in the fight against COVID-19. Many organizations are rapidly assessing and understanding the extent and implications to their business operations, such as ensuring employee safety, protecting against security threats, supporting increased capacity demands and enabling a remote workforce. HPE is here to help you bring together the right expertise and support, and technology solutions and tools to address your immediate needs and prepare for the future.

Deliver Financial Flexibility

This is a challenging time to lead a business. Today more than ever, IT leaders and CFOs play a central role in ensuring financial health while continuing operations. Businesses have an immediate need to preserve cash flow, defer or reduce expenses, and relieve capacity strains and delivery delays. Learn how HPE Financial Services can help align priorities from an IT economics perspective and provide you with concrete solutions to move forward.

Enable the Agile Workplace of the Future

The workplace of the future is rapidly transforming. Enabling remote workers is no longer an option or an initiative – it’s an imperative. Physical office locations will need to operate differently as employees return to work. As you shift from crisis management towards recovery, engage with HPE experts to learn how we can help you develop new strategies that enable a dynamic and resilient, boundaryless workplace environment while helping you understand how new technologies can help you get your employees, carefully and safely, back to work in physical work locations.

Accelerate Research for COVID-19

Research scientists worldwide are collaborating to accelerate the development of treatments and preventative measures to combat coronavirus using complex modeling, simulation, AI and machine learning. At HPE, we believe in being a force for good and using technology to advance the way people live and work. More than ever, accelerating insights, making discoveries and solving the unsolvable is a global imperative. Explore how leading research centers and scientists are using our HPC and AI solutions to tackle COVID-19 research and bring us closer to finding a cure.

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